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CCOO / Public speaking courses for senior agents and managerial team of the largest labor union in Spain.


BIOMENÚ/ Communications and social media manager for Biomenú, the only organic and ecologically certified catering in Spain

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PLAN INTERNATIONAL / Regular consultant for the international NGO since 2014. Creation and implementation of communications and media campaigns. Responsible for media relations, international press trips and press conferences and creation of video content related to chidren´s rights with special focus on girl´s and adolecent´s rights.


​AMNISTIA INTERNACIONAL / Media manager for the 2018 Amnesty International race "Run for Yemen" in favor of the yemeni population, trapped in the forgotten armed conflict in the country,


MADRID CITY COUNCIL/ EUROPEAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION/ Co-Director of the Spanish media campaign for the European Cultural Foundation’s Princess Margriet Award for Culture (2016). Of the same level of prestige as the Prince of Asturias Award, the Princess Margriet of Holland Award for Cultural recognized the work of Medialab-Prado (digital cultural center of the Madrid City Council) for its work as a “social participation” center.

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FUNDACION JUAN XXIII RONCALLI / In 2015 media and communications manager for one of the largest and oldest social enterprises for People with Intellectual Disabilities in Spain.


HOLA TV/Script, writing, and production of a television pilot for Hola TV’s international channel. The 30-minute, documentary-format television program explored the personal and professional diplomatic life of the UK ambassador to Spain.

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3000 KM / Creation of brand and web content for this young and dynamic adventure travel company.

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COLMENAR VIEJO CITY COUNCIL / In 2014 creation and development of the media strategy for the Annual Environmental Photography Contest of the City Council, which would award the winner with a trip to Antarctica in a XIXth century sailboat.


COLMENAR VIEJO CITY COUNCIL / Creation and implementation of the media strategy for the “Detective Canino” campaign spearheaded by the Colmenar Viejo City Council. A peculiar and controversial campaign of this local Madrid council that was fed up with the constant presence of pet excrements. The Council decided to hire an agency of private investigators to identify dog owners that didn’t pick up after their pets.


​GETAFE CITY COUNCIL / In 2014, development and implementation of the media strategy for the “Detective Canino” campaign that, just like in Colmenar Viejo, aimed to put an end to the impunity of some of the residents who weren’t picking up their pets’ excrements. Again, the city council’s new initiative laid out a plan to hire private detectives to monitor irresponsible neighbors. The campaign had broad media coverage: more than 200 media impacts.

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