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I am a journalist, producer, and communications consultant with a focus on social and human rights content.


Since 2013, I’ve been working as a freelance consultant, advising businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes on how to communicate clearly, directly, and effectively. I feel just as comfortable managing large corporate communications projects as I do designing creative videos for social networks. 


Personally, I am in love with our world and its people, journalism and communications, human rights, and well told stories.


I was born and raised in Spain but I’ve always enjoyed living and working abroad. At 24, I went off to Mexico with nothing but my journalism degree, a bit of experience, and ton of excitement for discovering the world. As fate (and my own stubbornness) would have it, I ended up working for the news at Televisa. That’s when I found myself in audiovisual journalism, and it’s been my place ever since. I’ve worked as a reporter for news programs such as “Madrid Directo, “Callejeros”, and “Callejeros Viajeros” and I’ve worked as a the New York-based correspondent for Cuatro and Telecinco, among other positions.


In 2004, I was able to take my personal interest in international politics even further by pursuing a master’s degree in International Politics and International Law degree at New York University after receiving a scholarship from the Caja Madrid Foundation. I learned more in those three years of living in New York than I ever could have from a book.


I’m dynamic and versatile and have worked in (almost) every aspect of communications: As Chief Editor, I directed and trained teams of reporters. As a Press Officer and Spokesperson for the Spanish national office of the NGO Plan International, I was on the ground covering the earthquake in Haiti. As a reporter, I’ve covered everything from the terrorist attacks in Madrid to the earthquakes in El Salvador and the floods in Argentina. Along the way, I’ve had the great pleasure of interviewing Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Jodie Foster, among others.


  I generate serious/informative/creative/fun content in written, audiovisual, and infographic form for effective communication.

  • Creation and implementation of media and communications strategies.

  • Generation of brand content.

  • Storytelling. 

  • Writing creative and/or informative texts.

  • Creating and editing of audiovisual content: corporate videos/internet/social media

  • Television production, scriptwriting, and producing: documentaries and /or reports

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